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Saving the river, but losing his job.

Keeping the law, but ending his career.


Whistleblower Cover

I have been told that I must write some kind of disclaimer about my stories and the memories of so long ago. I suppose after several fist fights, black eyes, head and neck injuries, and after such a long period of life's pains and disappointments, my memories of childhood events might be slightly fogged of truth, self serving, and cultivated along with illness and medication, by the expected exaggerated tails of an old man's adventures of love, time, and place. But let there be no doubt in anyone's mind about the things I am about to tell you, of what truly happened in Seattle at Terminal 18 Harbor Island between the years 1999 and 2000. What I witnessed with my own eyes and events that took place on that job site, to my men, to me, to you, and to the river.  Please believe with absolute certainty and conviction that these violations against all of us and the Environment, did occur, so help me God. 

             This is a true story about my life as a boy stuck between hunger, neglect and abuse. It's also about my career as an operating engineer, helicopter pilot and superintendent for heavy equipment and excavation. But mostly, this story is about screaming a warning so loud that all Americans everywhere, especially in Seattle, hear and heed the truth about hazardous waste Superfund sites and specifically Terminal 18, Harbor Island.  It's also about becoming a "whistleblower" and the effects it may have on one's career, health, and income.

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2008 Ronald Slater